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Basic Berry Smoothie


makes two 16-ounce servings

1 peeled banana
1 cup peeled and cut up fruit: try any combination of melons, oranges, pears, mangoes, papaya, kiwis, pineapple to vary flavor and sweetness
1 cup Sun Belle berries (raspberries, blueberries or blackberries
5 ice cubes


Note: The berries you use determines the gorgeous color of the smoothie – red with raspberries, purple for blackberries and blue for... blueberries.

With fresh berries and other fruits on hand, you have all the makings of a substantial, delicious and energizing breakfast. The key is to have ripe bananas and other fruits, especially berries, on hand. All it takes is your finger on the button of a blender!

1. Place ingredients in a blender, blend until ice is crushed.
2. Pour into two glasses.